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April 25, 2016 Update

The extremely troubling reports of lead in our city's schools starkly highlights the fact that many of our schools' basic health and safety needs are not being met. And, while I applaud the Mayor for her commitment to school modernization in the District's FY17 budget proposal, I have deep concerns about the Administration’s new method of determining which school is modernized when. In that spirit, I am encouraging citizens to sign-on to a letter to the DC Committee on Education calling for a more rigorous, transparent school modernization approach for all. The process is broken; we are relying on poor data and on bad assumptions to spend millions of dollars. Nor are we are not investing equitably or smartly in Ward 6 or across the city.

The letter calls on the DC Council Education Committee to “reject the Mayor’s FY2017-FY2022 DCPS Capital Improvement Plan as it is proposed” and requests a plan developed with community involvement and which utilizes clearer rationale and accurate and transparent data.  The link to the petition is here - https://goo.gl/ZfnZOg. Please consider adding your name to the petition.

SBOE's May Working Session

The Department of General Services and DC Public Schools have agreed to brief the State Board on construction projects and the Administration's prioritization tool at our May 4th Working Session.  If you have specific questions about individual schools or general questions you would like me to present to DCPS/DGS, please let me know by Wednesday, April 27. I apologize for the tight deadline, but the Board needs to provide questions to DCPS/DGS so that they have time to prepare their responses. I hope that DCPS / DGS will be able to provide detailed responses to my concerns and change my mind on these issues. I thank them for taking the time to visit with us and share more details on their vision.


DCPS School Staffing

School operating budgets are now public.  You can access your school’s SY16-17 submitted school budget PDF worksheet under the School Budget Worksheets menu on DCPS’s website.


Eastern LogoEastern Legacy Day

Please join me in sharing your life and career experiences with students at Eastern’s Fifth Annual Legacy Day on Friday, May 27th from 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Please complete this two minute interest form by Monday, May 2nd to participate.

Rambler NationRambler Nation – Eastern Senior High Boosters

Rambler Nation, Eastern’s Athletic Booster Club will be holding a meet and greet with Eastern’s 2015-2016 Athletic Coaches on May 25th.  Please contact John Parker for information on Rambler Nation.

Thank you, as always, for your support.  In the coming weeks, the Board will begin the process of revising our city's graduation requirements and brining our city's policies into compliance with the newly adopted Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). We are committed to hearing from citizens from across the District, and I look forward to hearing from you all on these important issues.

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