FY17 Budget

Maury2.jpgGood evening. As we prepare for Spring Break, I wanted to ensure you had the latest information on upcoming events relating to the Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 budget and other updates from the SBoE.

Over the past month, I've spoken with nearly all #Ward6 DCPS schools about their budget allocations and, overall, schools will be able to meet the needs of their student populations. I am, however, extremely concerned about Eastern HS's budget allocation. Eastern will see a $600k reduction and it appears that there are several new unfunded mandates and that at-risk funding is replacing rather than supplementing funding for required positions. And, over the next few months, I will continue to work tirelessly for reforms to our school modernization program. My goal is to ensure that ALL students, especially our #Ward6 middle school students, are able to attend school in facilities that meet their basic academic and health/safety needs.  


Budget Update & Council Hearings

Joint Roundtable with the Committee on Transportation & Environment on DCPS’ Capital Project Plan for Summer 2016, March 22, 1:00 pm; John A. Wilson Building, Room 500

The purpose of this roundtable is to examine DCPS and DGS’ readiness to begin and timely complete capital projects, including stabilization work and small capital projects, slated for schools during Summer 2016. Sign up here.

State of the District.

Tuesday, March 23rd at 5:30 PM at Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater. 1101 6th Street, SW. The Mayor will be holding a briefing and overview of her FY2017 budget proposal. Click here for details.

FY2017 Budget.

The Fiscal Year 2017 budget will be released on Wednesday, March 24th. The Council’s DCPS budget oversight hearing is on April 14. There will be a morning and evening hearing similar to last year. For both hearings, individuals interested in testifying should contact Jessica Giles at jgiles@dccouncil.us or sign up here.


Career Days. 

Eliot-Hine MS will be hosting their annual Career Day on Wednesday, May 4th. The goal of Career Day is to inform our students about various careers and professional opportunities available to them, in addition to helping students develop an understanding of their own skills and strengths than can be utilized to pursue their future dreams.  To participate at Eliot-Hine MS, sign-up here.  And, I’ll circulate the dates for Career Days at our other neighborhood schools as they become available.

SafeRoutes Initiative.

Due to the increase of robberies and violence in our neighborhood, neighbors are organizing a new SafeRoutes initiative to put more eyes on the streets during peak commuting hours (Monday through Friday between 5:30 and 7:30 pm) around the Potomac Avenue Metro and along 14th Street starting TOMORROWMonday, March 21. To do that, we are now seeking volunteers to sign-up for specific time-slots for that day and weekdays through the end of April. Click here to learn more.


SBoE Priorities.

High School Credit Flexibility

SBOE voted to approve the final Credit Flexibility Regulations during our Public Meeting on March 16th. This is a critical step to enable personalized learning beyond the time-based Carnegie unit for students to earn high school credit.

While I ultimately voted in favor of the resolution, I also expressed deep concern about the lack of accountability of our public school systems and my belief that we need clear lines of accountability. The proposal the board adopted provide great latitude for both DCPS and the Public Charter School Board to approve waivers allowing schools to award credit for learning outside of the traditional Carnegie unit. I called for our city’s school systems to work with OSSE and ensure that we have a transparent system that our communities can support.


Make an Impact on New Health Education Standards

In 2007, the SBOE approved the current version of the Health Education Standards. Since then, education standards and data on District students’ health outcomes show a pressing need for change that results in robust health education standards. OSSE’s Division of Health & Wellness has drafted new health education standards and we want to make sure that these new health education standards reflect your needs. We need your help! Tell us what YOU want to learn. Click here to learn more.

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